Epoxy Solid Color System


Epoxy Solid Color System Description

  • 100% solids epoxy primer
  • 100% solids epoxy body coat
  • Clear urethane sealer (UV Stability)
  • Seamless and low maintenance
  • Produces a dense, non-porous, chemical and dirt resistant floor


Our Process

  • Industrial grade mechanical floor prep of concrete substrate
  • Pre-Fill cracks and minor divots with epoxy fast cure mixture
  • Apply 100% solids epoxy primer
  • Apply 100% solids epoxy body coat
  • Apply urethane sealer (UV) Stability)
    • Urethane Sealers contain UV Stability preventing discoloration and have excellent chemical, stain, and abrasive resistance

Our recommended wait time after installation is:

Foot Traffic: 12 hrs

Vehicle Traffic: 72 hrs


Maintenance Instructions

  • Easily cleaned with neutral soaps or detergents (Dawn dish washing detergents)
  • When cleaning, use water and a light bristled brush
  • Clean up chemical spills immediately to avoid sealer discolorations.


Standard Color Chart:

** Premium Charge for 700 Deep Blue and 899 Safety Yellow

Epoxy Solid Color System Chart